Edit Button

Step 1: Edit Button

Select the edit button to open the editor and access the controls found within.

Insert dropdown

Step 2: Insert dropdown

Click on the insert to open the dropdown list of aspects of websites that you can insert.

Insert/edit video

Step 3: Insert/edit video

Click on the insert/edit video button in the dropdown to open the necessary popup.

Insert/edit video popup

Step 4: Insert/edit video popup

Once the insert/edit video popup is open select the embed tab (see red box)

Embed tab

Step 5: Embed tab

Once you are in the embed tab paste the embed code of the video you wish to add.


Step 6: Okay

Once you have pasted the embed code, select okay to insert the video.


Step 7: Save

Once the video is inserted into the page, justify the video by using the text justify controls. Once the grey box placeholder for the embedded video is in the correct location on the page click save.

Video is inserted

Step 8: Video is inserted

Once the page is saved your video will appear in the location you choose on the page.