Edit Button

Step 1: Edit Button

Select the edit button to open the editor and access the controls found within.

Insert dropdown

Step 2: Insert dropdown

Click on the insert to open the dropdown list of aspects of websites that you can insert.

Insert/edit video

Step 3: Insert/edit video

Click on the insert/edit video button in the dropdown to open the necessary popup.

Browse button

Step 4: Browse button

Select the browse button to open the link to a file popup where you will be able to upload a video file.

Browse for video file

Step 5: Browse for video file

Click on the browse button to locate the file you wish to upload on your computer.

Insert file title

Step 6: Insert file title

Once you have selected the video file, insert a title for said file (see red box)

Upload file

Step 7: Upload file

Once you have added a title select upload file.