Working with text

Learn how to edit your content! Watch the video or follow the instructions below to learn how to add, edit and modify text on your page. You can also read about changing your text colour, and creating text links (these are in the video too!)




Edit Page

Step 1: Edit Page

Go to the page you wish to edit and select the edit button to open the editor.

Begin typing

Step 2: Begin typing

Begin typing below the editor like you would in any other text editor.

Formats dropdown

Step 3: Formats dropdown

To find all text controls select the Formats Drop Down.


Step 4: Headings

For a heading, highlight the text you wish to format and select the appropriate Heading in the dropdown.


Step 5: Text

To reach the simple text controls select Text under the Formats dropdown.


Step 6: Paragraphs

To format text to be a paragraph select Paragraphs in the formats dropdown.


Step 7: Save

To save the page click the Save button located in the top left corner (see red box).