Working with text

Editing is as simple as editing can be. Follow the instructions below to add text to your page.

Edit Page

Step 1: Edit Page

Go to the page you wish to edit and select the edit button to open the editor.

Begin typing

Step 2: Begin typing

Begin typing below the editor like you would in any other text editor.

Formats dropdown

Step 3: Formats dropdown

To find all text controls select the Formats Drop Down.


Step 4: Headings

For a heading, highlight the text you wish to format and select the appropriate Heading in the dropdown.


Step 5: Text

To reach the simple text controls select Text under the Formats dropdown.


Step 6: Paragraphs

To format text to be a paragraph select Paragraphs in the formats dropdown.


Step 7: Save

To save the page click the Save button located in the top left corner (see red box).