Populating a gallery


Add an image to a gallery

Step 1: Add an image to a gallery

If you wish to add an image to a gallery module that has been previously inserted into a page follow these steps.

Edit Button

Step 2: Edit Button

Select the edit button (see red box) to begin. This will open the editor where you will be able to add images, as well as perform other tasks.

 Insert image button

Step 3: Insert image button

Once the editor is open, select the image icon to open the insert image popup.

Insert/edit Image

Step 4: Insert/edit Image

Click on the File button next to the source box to open the image uploader where you will be able to browse your computer for the image you wish to insert.

Browse for Image

Step 5: Browse for Image

Select Browse to locate the image on your computer and select the file you wish to upload.

Add image title

Step 6: Add image title

Once you select the image you wish to upload, write in a file title. The text you type here will go into the "alt" tag, which describes the image to search engines and people with sight impairment.

Resize Image

Step 7: Resize Image

In this popup you can also decide if you would like to resize the image. This feature will reduce the image to 450 pixels wide, if it is smaller than 450 pixels it will remain the same size.

Upload Image

Step 8: Upload Image

Once all the information is filled in, select upload image.

Successful Upload

Step 9: Successful Upload

You’ll be informed that the image has been successfully uploaded

Edit Details

Step 10: Edit Details

Click on Edit Details to change the heading or add a description

Edit Image Details

Step 11: Edit Image Details

Edit the heading of the slide, or add a description that is associated with the slide. Click Update Image when you are done.

Exit Browser Popup

Step 12: Exit Browser Popup

Exit the browser popup without selecting an image to have the images appear in the gallery module.


Step 13: Okay

Select the okay button to exit the inset/edit image popup.


Step 14: Save

Click the save button and to see the image that has been inserted into your gallery.

Page after image insertion

Step 15: Page after image insertion

Final image has now been inserted into your gallery.