Managing Images

When using page modules, such as "Image Listing", or any gallery modules, you may need to manage your images. You may need to delete some, or move the images around. The following steps will show you how to do this.

Edit Page

Step 1: Edit Page

Begin by clicking edit, this will open the editor where you will find controls to manage your photos as well as other features.

Image Icon

Step 2: Image Icon

Select the image button to open the necessary popups to manage multiple images.

Browse Button

Step 3: Browse Button

Click on the browse button to open the second popup where you will be able to view all the images on that page and upload new ones if you wish.

Move image

Step 4: Move image

To move an image click and hold the double arrow move button and drag the image to assure all your photos are in the correct order.

Image has moved

Step 5: Image has moved

Once you drag the image to the proper place you can continue moving your images until they are all in the correct order. Here you can see that the image has been moved one frame to the left.

Exit Popup

Step 6: Exit Popup

Once you have positioned the images the way you wish them to be displayed on your site, exit the popup (see red box).


Step 7: Okay

Select okay to exit the subsequent popup- do not fill in any of the fields displayed as you are not inserting a single image.

Image has been moved

Step 8: Image has been moved

Once you have saved your page you will now be able to see the image in the modified position.