Bulk Adding Images


Edit button

Step 1: Edit button

Select the edit button (see red box) to begin. This will open the editor where you will be able to add images, as well as perform other tasks.

Insert image button

Step 2: Insert image button

Once the editor is open, select the image icon to open the insert image popup.

File button

Step 3: File button

Click on the File button next to the source box to open the image uploader.

Select import images from another website

Step 4: Select import images from another website

Click on the link on the bottom "import images from another website."

Type the website address

Step 5: Type the website address

Type in the website address of the images you want to import into the box labelled "Enter a URL". The URL must begin with http://

Scan URL for images

Step 6: Scan URL for images

Click on the blue button "Scan URL for Images."

Select images

Step 7: Select images

A list of the images found on the webpage you entered will appear, already selected to upload. You can use your mouse to hover over an item on the list to see a preview of the picture. Uncheck any of the pictures you do not want to upload.

Import selected images

Step 8: Import selected images

Once you've selected all the images you want to import, click on the blue "Import Selected Images" button.

Choose image

Step 9: Choose image

Now you can select from any of the new images to insert on the page. Click on the green "Choose Image" button to select any of the new images you've uploaded.

Insert / edit the image

Step 10: Insert / edit the image

Here you can edit the size of the image before you insert it. Click the blue "Ok" to insert the image onto the page.