Editing your content

The most basic functions in getting started are:

This will give you the basic structure of a website.

To begin editing your page click the edit button located in the bottom right of your site .

Edit button

Buttons in the editor

In the editor bar you will find icons for the following functions:

 Save_Button  Saves your page
 Undo_Redo_Buttons  Allows you to undo and redo an action
 Insert_Image  Opens the image uploader popup (for more information see Adding an image)
 Links  Opens the insert link popup (for more information see Creating links)
 Formats Button  Dropdown for text formating (for more information see Working with text)
 Text Controls  Controls to bold, italicize, and underline text
 Text Colour  Allows you to control the colour of text
 Text Background Colour  Allows you to control the colour behind text
 Allignment Controls  Buttons to allign text to the right, centre, left or justify
 Bulleted List  Transforms text into a bulleted list
Numbered List Transforms text into a numbered list
Increase_Decrease_Indent Increases or decreases indent