Extend your page with Modules

Modules are an easy to use way of having additional functionality from your web pages. With them you can create a Blog, a Calendar or Gallery in just a few clicks. The example below shows how you can implement a gallery module.

Navigate to page

Step 1: Navigate to page

Navigate to the page on which you would like to add the module.

Admin button

Step 2: Admin button

Select the Admin button to access the admin interface.

Select modules tab

Step 3: Select modules tab

Select modules tab to select your desired module.

Select Page Module

Step 4: Select Page Module

Select Page Module from the dropdown.

Select Module

Step 5: Select Module

Select desired module from the Page Module dropdown. In this example, we are selecting the Gallery Module.

Select Placement

Step 6: Select Placement

Select the placement of the module. Generally, you will place it below the page text, but the option is available to place it above.

View online

Step 7: View online

Click View Online to see the module in action.

View website with module

Step 8: View website with module

The page is now displayed with you module -- the gallery module in this case.