Reorganizing Pages 

Reorganize these pages

Step 1: Reorganize these pages

Say you wish to reorganize the pages or subpages on your site.

Admin Button

Step 2: Admin Button

Go to the parent page of the pages you want to reorganize. Then select the Admin button to access the admin interface.

Site root button

Step 3: Site root button

If you want to reorganize the root pages, select the root button, as indicated by the red box.

Move the page

Step 4: Move the page

Click, hold and drag the Move Page icon (red box) until the pages are in the correct order.

Bed page has moved

Step 5: Bed page has moved

Here you can see that the bed page and the rocking chair page have switched positions. Keep repeating the 'Click, hold and drag' step until the pages are in the order that you wish.

View online

Step 6: View online

Select the view online button at the left hand side of the page to view the page you are on and see the changes you have made.

Pages have been switched

Step 7: Pages have been switched

The 'Beds' and 'Rocking chairs' pages have now been switched as you can see.