Renaming a page

Admin Button

Step 1: Admin Button

Click on the Admin button on the page you wish to rename.

Rename page

Step 2: Rename page

Select the rename page button in the control centre at the left side of the admin interface.

Insert new name

Step 3: Insert new name

A text box will appear containing the page title you wish to change, simply place your cursor inside the box and type in your desired new name of that page.

Set renamed page

Step 4: Set renamed page

Once the name has been changed, select the set button. If you want, you can check the 'keep page accessible at old URL'. We recommend keeping the old URL if your site is live because it will automatically redirected to the new URL.

View online

Step 5: View online

Once the name has been changed, select the view online button at the left hand side of the page to view the page you are on and see the changes you have made.

Change page title

Step 6: Change page title

Now that the page name has been changed, you need to change the main title on the page itself if you want the names to match. See here how the name of the page in the side bar of the site differs from the title of the page itself.

Edit Button

Step 7: Edit Button

Select the edit button to open the editor and access the text controls to change the title.


Step 8: Save

Select the save button at the top right hand side of the editor to save the changes you have made.

Page has been renamed

Step 9: Page has been renamed

Now your page name and main title title match and you have complete the renaming of that page.