Moving pages

Moving pages is a great way to manage your pages as you are building your website to have the optimum organization or to simply move a page to a better spot. When you move a page, all the files, images and subpages are also moved.




Find page

Step 1: Find page

First navigate to the page that you want to move within your website

Admin Button

Step 2: Admin Button

Select the Admin button to access the admin interface.

Move Page

Step 3: Move Page

Click on the Move Page button to start the move process.

Select destination

Step 4: Select destination

Select your destination. In this case, we are moving the page to the root of the site. If your page is not visible, click on the green plus sign (+) to open additional pages. Click on the page name to select your desired page.

Your page has been moved

Step 5: Your page has been moved

Your page is now in its new location with all the files, images and subpages.

Go to parent page

Step 6: Go to parent page

To reorganize this page, go to the parent page. In this example, the parent is the root, so click on the root icon.

Move page to correct position

Step 7: Move page to correct position

Click and hold on the double arrow icon, as indicated by the red box. Move the page to its proper location.

View online

Step 8: View online

Your page is is now in its new location. Click "View online" to view your page.

View moved pages

Step 9: View moved pages

Your new page, with subpage and image in its new location.