Deleting pages

Once in a while it is necessary to delete a page or a set of pages. In this example, the subpages of Beds and Rocking Chairs have been moved, so the Furniture page is no longer required. 

NOTE: Deleting a page is not reversible. Once a page is deleted, that page, and all associated items are gone.

Find page to delete

Step 1: Find page to delete

First navigate to the page that you want to move within your website

Click on Admin button

Step 2: Click on Admin button

Then select the Admin button to access the admin interface.

Click on the Delete button

Step 3: Click on the Delete button

Click on the delete button to delete the page, all its files, images and subpages.

Are you sure?

Step 4: Are you sure?

Checking to make sure you want to do this. It will list all the images, files and subpages that will be deleted. If you are sure, click "Yes, delete this page..." or cancel if you change your mind.

Final confirmation

Step 5: Final confirmation

And one more confirmation before the page is deleted. Click OK to delete. Cancel if you are unsure.

Page Deleted

Step 6: Page Deleted

The page is now removed from the page list. Click View online to view website.

View website with deleted page

Step 7: View website with deleted page

The page has been removed from the menu.