Adding pages

To add a page to your website, first navigate to the page under which you would like to add a page, then follow the instructions below.

Go to your start page

Step 1: Go to your start page

Navigate to the page under which you would like to create some new pages.

Admin Button

Step 2: Admin Button

Click on the Admin button to enter the admin section

Editing root pages

Step 3: Editing root pages

If you want to add pages to the root of the site, select the root button, as indicated by the red box.

Start adding pages

Step 4: Start adding pages

Type your new page name in the "Create New Page" text box.

Create new page

Step 5: Create new page

Click on the "Create New Page" button or simply hit Enter.

Move the page

Step 6: Move the page

To move your new page, click and hold the double-arrow icon and drag to its new location.

Select new page

Step 7: Select new page

Click on your new page, to enter the admin of that page.

View online

Step 8: View online

Click View Online to see your new page in the website.

Our products page

Step 9: Our products page

Your new page is part of the menu and is ready for editing.